GGRecon secured the services of ActiveWin to improve follower engagement by focusing on a dedicated keyword strategy to help improve overall SEO rankings across the globe.

The Brief

GGRecon launched in December 2019, with the mission to become a destination for gamers and die-hard esports enthusiasts through useful, credible, and entertaining content that inspires and educates fans about the increasingly popular world of esports.

From the heart of an esports arena to the fans very own living rooms, GGRecon augments their experience through informed and compelling content, with the ultimate goal of becoming the most informative and entertaining esports publisher in Britain. Using expert knowledge from their pool of worldwide freelancers, as well as a core team based in Manchester, their content comprises of features, news, and guides for casual gamers and esports fans alike.

With top global brands already firmly established within the industry, our goal was to work with their executive team in preparing the site for launch by providing SEO support for organic rankings to enhance the exceptional content from the GGRecon team.

What We Did

Since GGRecon operates in the highly competitive esports sector, our strategists set to work finding areas where we could quickly make an impact- and build from there. Mainly starting from scratch in terms of UX and organic rankings, ActiveWin extensively researched the industry to identify easy wins, emerging trends, and plans for long-term improvements in top keywords.

From there, we implemented hundreds of technical SEO changes while adding crucial backlinks and using internal links to pass relevancy onto target pages.


Within three months, the site went from no indexed pages to ranking number one for top terms like Modern Warfare finishing moves, Call of Duty finishing moves, and organic traffic worth the equivalent of almost £11K in paid ads in six months.

The quality and volume of the traffic improved significantly too, and key metrics such as visit duration and returning visitors showed remarkable increases.

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