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ActiveWin offers PPC services in Manchester and beyond, having expertly operated within the digital marketing sector since 2013.

Curious about the potential of digital marketing for your company? We highly recommend that you harness this powerful tool as soon as you can – as its capacity to link you to relevant local audiences, spread awareness of your products and services and build trust in your brand cannot be overestimated.

Almost every successful business employs multiple digital marketing elements in order to attract footfall and build a strong profile – and Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is among the most popular methods. But what exactly is PPC and how can your organisation use it effectively?

What is PPC?

PPC is one of the most effective ways for businesses to increase their online visibility, drive higher levels of relevant traffic to their online presence and boost conversions and sales.

As we mentioned above, PPC stands for pay-per-click. Simply put, the term refers to digital advertising in the form of banners, sponsored links and similar mechanisms which are funded by way of a fee paid by the advertiser to the site on which they are displayed every time a user clicks the ad.

How does PPC work?

Most commonly, PPC ads are set up on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) or popular websites like YouTube or Reddit. It doesn’t take long to get a campaign up and running after it has been designed, with the longest delay usually taking place as the advertiser waits for the advert to be approved by the platform on which it will appear.

In order to get an ad onto a particular platform, companies are required to place “bids”. Naturally, for more popular platforms, there will be a greater amount of competition – so the bids must be higher.

Once an ad is accepted and goes live, your company will be required to pay up to its maximum bid amount for each click it receives. Analytics systems are used to track those clicks.

Why use PPC?

There are a number of major benefits to PPC. For starters, if a campaign turns out to be less effective than the advertiser anticipated, they will not be required to spend huge amounts for little to no return. The success of the ad is directly linked to the amount you pay.

What’s more, the PPC method makes campaigns highly measurable, as its entire setup is based on tracking user numbers and recording footfall. This is a great way to check whether or not an ad is attracting relevant people – and can inform advertisers of what needs to be changed for improved performance.

How can PPC support businesses locally and nationally?

Digital advertising works best when it is harnessed to reach the most relevant target audiences possible. For example, if you run a local cycle shop in Manchester, your business will most likely benefit from running ads that are visible and applicable to cyclists living within a fairly tight radius of the city.

Creating an ad that is visible to everybody worldwide is rarely a good idea in cases of this kind, as the significant expense that this would incur would far outstrip the return you would achieve.

Instead, using methods that offer highly specific targeting, such as PPC, will help to connect you directly with the people who are actively looking for products and services like yours. This increases the likelihood of “conversion” – which means the number of people that move from being visitors to being customers or clients, actively spending money on the things you offer.

In the case of the Manchester-based cycle shop, seeking PPC services in Manchester would enable the client to narrow down their search event further, as working with an agency with local knowledge can make a huge difference.

One of the most significant upsides of pay-per-click advertising is its capacity to target incredibly specific audiences. This makes it ideal for businesses that wish to connect with a local demographic – as you can narrow your reach down to very precise geographical locations.

However, this specificity also works on a national and even a global basis depending on your target audience, as you can also adjust your ad to apply to certain ages, genders and other categorisations – and even groups with very niche interests.

ActiveWin, Leading PPC Services In Manchester

ActiveWin is a premier provider of PPC services in Manchester. Our experienced digital marketing specialists can help you to design a leading PPC advertising campaign, determine what to bid to ensure your ads are perfectly positioned and track the performance of each of your ads to make sure you reach the perfect audience – and therefore achieve the best possible return.

We communicate with every one of our clients in a proactive and transparent manner to ensure that we completely understand the intended aim of their advertising campaign and to implement approaches and methods that will connect them with the most relevant demographics.

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