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How do you improve quality PPC traffic and lead conversion in the highly-competitive financial industry? You bring in the ActiveWin experts. Our results for MoneyPlus Advice speak for themselves.

PPC Case Study

In this PPC case study, we look at our work for MoneyPlus Group, who needed paid media specialists to support them as one of the UK’s leading debt solution. MoneyPlus Advice operates in the highly regulated financial industry, and needed to improve traffic, conversion, lead quality, and Google Quality Score.

Cost-per-click for the top keywords was increasing at an alarming rate, and MoneyPlus had fierce competition from banks, comparison sites and lead-generation services who monopolised the top of page one.

What We Did

After extensive consultation with MoneyPlus, the strategy included focusing on top converting, long-tail keywords and careful filtering of terms. Bespoke landing pages were created to improve customer journeys and conversion rate optimisation.

To understand what MoneyPlus customers were seeking help with, the ActiveWin team spent the day with various MoneyPlus teams at their offices, once a week. The senior management team also sat with the directors of the business during these visits, to understand the long-term goals of the business, and future-proof campaigns to align with those plans.



Increase in Leads


Increase in Conversions


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


By working as an extension of the MoneyPlus Advice marketing team, ActiveWin was quickly able to achieve a dramatic improvement in lead quality and quantity. Over the next two years, our team of PPC experts continued to improve traffic, site authority, and lead conversion. Learnings from the paid campaigns were shared with the organic marketing team, which were applied to SEO strategies and improved Google rankings on key terms.

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