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ActiveWin provides a full range of front line supplemental Customer Support using live webchat, email, social media monitoring, and telephone services.

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Our CS Support services are available between 8 am until midnight, seven days a week, so we can offer supplemental customer support outside of usual operating hours. Providing customer care during peak evening and weekend hours improves customer satisfaction and increases lifetime value.

All Customer Supporter managed services packages are bespoke, and our CS specialists have extensive training and experience working in finance and fintech, sports marketing, healthcare, and iGaming.

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ActiveWin takes CS support to new levels, by offering live chat coverage 365 days a year including Bank Holidays, from 8 am to 12 am with an optional “push” chat facility.

Recent studies have shown that peak online shopping hours are on weekends, and from 9 pm through to the early hours of the morning during the week. Live chat offers personalised support in real-time, without interrupting the user’s browser experience. It is also an opportunity to collect valuable data, which can help to shape your customer engagement strategy and loyalty schemes.

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Managed services have become an efficient and highly cost-effective way to take care of your customer base. Dee can review all managed service options for your business.

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