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Effectively executed CRM strategies are proven to significantly increase customer retention and lifetime value. Our data-driven approach is second to none.

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CRM Services

ActiveWin provides CRM services across the full mix of email, SMS, push messaging, direct mail, outbound telesales, live chat, and social media monitoring.

We meticulously write mailer content to ensure great open rates, and test offers and call-to-action buttons for the best results possible.

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Data drives our CRM strategies, with detailed analysis determining where someone is in their customer lifecycle journey. Then, we’ll send the right message, on the right channel, with the right offer, at the right time.

All campaigns are developed by adhering to applicable laws and regulations including GDPR and compliance to safeguard your business from regulatory fines or penalties.

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From mailers and SMS, to live chat and social media, we make sure your customers always get the right message.

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What Is CRM?

You might have heard the abbreviations, CRM, used in many different contexts, but to us it means Customer Relationship Management.

It’s a digital marketing approach that helps businesses, just like yours, to create or improve customer relationships and helps to gain new customers faster.

CRM acts as a profitable channel that can bring sales, marketing and customer support activities together and streamline how you communicate with your customers.

To help you understand how it can benefit your business, we’ve created a full CRM overview for you to flick through.

Why do businesses need CRM?

In the world of digital marketing, CRM is one of the key factors to a successful online strategy.

As the saying goes ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ and that never rings truer than when it comes to customer communications.

Whether you’re a small business looking to contact a local clientele or a large business that operates across the globe, eventually you are going to need a CRM system in place if you want to focus on improving customer satisfaction and lifetime values.

Digital marketing comes from a variety of mediums, whether through a website, app, social media, PPC, SEO efforts, or even an old-school phone call.

CRM Strategy

A dedicated CRM strategy helps you to put out a multi-channel message to customers by reaching the touchpoints they use.

You personalise your marketing efforts, depending on your target audience. Tasks such as sending promotions, newsletters, or your latest announcements let you connect with your customers on a personal level.

As a leading digital agency in the UK, ActiveWin takes a sophisticated approach to CRM by identifying where a person is in the customer journey. Then, we send targeted messages based on whether they are new, repeat, lapsed, or reactivated.

We mix email management, SMS, direct mail, telesales, social media, live chat, and push messaging to drastically improve customer retention.

Who uses CRM systems?

It works for a variety of businesses regardless of their size or industry. From start-ups to large enterprises and medical to entertainment, customer relationship management boost retention, marketing, branding, and everything in between.


Communications between businesses is never an easy thing to master. A CRM strategy with an expert digital agency like ActiveWin goes a long way to making it easier.

From account management to updates on your latest services, announcements, and reports, CRM will be the key to your success.


Often, B2C companies have shorter customer life cycles. A direct and less time-consuming CRM strategy can have an almost instant effect.

A multi-channel tool with features such an AB testing, lead management and marketing automatic reaches out to customers easily.


It’s a fairly new term in digital marketing, but SMB stands for smart and modern businesses. CRM helps level the playing field for this type of business as it provides the ability to compete against bigger players in the same industry when it comes to communications with customers.


Reducing the time that your salesperson spends on mundane tasks is often a big concern for enterprises. You can ensure that your staff spend more time concentrating on customers daily with CRM.

CRM in Practice

Want to see how proper campaigns work in practice? Check out our Betfred case study, to see how we helped supercharge their customer service and more.

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