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When it comes to search engine marketing, your site set-up and UX functionality are just as important as the content, so powerful SEO strategies must go far beyond blogging with keywords.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is another way of referring to onsite work that is done in addition to content. It lays a strong foundation for optimal organic ranking through titles, tags, page structure and coding. Your site’s CMS, UX, URL structure, and ‘back-end’ are just as important as the on-page content.

ActiveWin has gained a thorough understanding of what drives rankings from building and launching multiple in-house brands, so we know what works (and what doesn’t) with search engine marketing.

Content Optimisation

Smart content strategies not only use sophisticated tools to identify the best keywords; it’s imperative to incorporate them into webpage copy that is optimised for better SEO ranking. Content must be clear, engaging, and relevant to the reader.

Our team of trained writers know how to improve the quality of SEO-optimised content on your site to boost Google rankings by following the latest best practice guidelines.

Organic social

To augment paid social campaign, amplifying your blog content, or sending activity signals to search engines for new businesses, we can create a social calendar that lets customers and search engines know what your business is about.

It’s a tricky balance between promoting your product or service and engaging your target audience. The AcitveWin crew have the know-how to maximise your social media output on a consultative basis.

Dee Skinner

Earn more media

Talk to us about how a perfectly blended strategy of earned media and paid search options can help you dominate SERPS.

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